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how to add airpods to find my iphone

    AirPods make up the majority of Apple devices. AirPods are very easy to lose because they are the smallest Apple devices. AirPods are tiny, so it can be hard to find them when they get lost. AirPods are very expensive, so panic sets in. Also, the possibility of theft is close.

    AirPods may sometimes need to be recovered. AirPods can get lost or stolen in such cases if you prepare well. You can locate them instantly by adding AirPods on Find My iPhone. Find My iPhone allows you to track the location of the list of AirPods instantly. We’ll show you how to add AirPods via Find My iPhone.

    How do you add your AirPods to the Find My app?

    It’s straightforward to add AirPods to Find Me. Each Apple device is different, so that the process can be complicated.

    How to use Find My with an iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch

    Here’s how you can enable Find Mine from an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

    Open the Settings app.
    Tap on your name. Then, select Find My
    Activate Find My [type/model of device you’re currently using] and then turn off Find My (device)
    You can activate “Find my network” to make it possible to find items even though they’re not online.
    To have lost items sent to Apple before they run out of battery, activate Send Last Location.
    If you need to locate lost items on a map, make sure Location Services is enabled under Settings > Privacy > Location Services.
    Once your AirPods pair with your iPhone, Find I will automatically be set up. You should ensure that the following steps are taken to ensure that your AirPods can be found, even if they aren’t paired with your iPhone.

    Open Settings > Bluetooth
    Tap the “More information” button that is located near your device in this list
    Could you scroll down to Find My network?
    Check that Find My Network’s active.

    How to create separate alerts for your Apple AirPods

    If your iPhone 12 or older has separation alerts, you can ensure you don’t forget your AirPods again.

    If you move from the AirPods area, your iPhone will notify you.

    Set up separation alerts in your AirPods

    Launch the Find My application

    Tap the Devices Tab.

    Select your AirPods among the Devices.

    Scroll down and tap Notify When You’re Left Behind.

    Verify that Notify If Left Behind is enabled.

    Tap New Location under Notifies ME, Except At, if you wish to add a new location, such as your home.

    Click on the “Done” button.

    Confirm which devices you do not want this location to be used for.

    Turn off Find My iPhone.

    If the issue persists, you can disable Find My from your iPhone. These steps will help:

    Go to Settings > (your name) > Find My > Locate My iPhone. After that, turn on Find My iPhone. Next, you will need to enter your Apple ID Password.
    Restart your iPhone
    Now, go to Settings > Your Name > Find My > My iPhone > Turn on Find My Again.
    Check to see if your AirPods can be found in Find My.

    What do you do if you can’t find your friend?

    It doesn’t matter if your AirPods are older or newer models. You don’t even have to purchase a new set. Apple allows you to purchase a replacement bud. Apple Care on your AirPods will make it even less expensive.

    Go to the Apple website to order a new bud or visit an Apple Store to pick it up. You can also purchase a new cover!

    Is AirPods possible to be tracked in the event of theft?

    To track your stolen AirPods, you can go to the “Find My” page in iCloud. Or use the “Find My” application on your iPhone. If they are connected to your device, you’ll be able to view them in the same place as your other connected devices.

    Can someone use stolen AirPods?

    Can someone use your stolen AirPods? Stolen AirPods will sync to another iPhone as long the AirPods are within your iPhone’s range. The distance between your AirPods and your iPhone is 30-100ft. Once your AirPods have been removed from the range, you can pair stolen AirPods with a different device.

    Can I still track my AirPods if someone takes them?

    Unfortunately, no. Because the AirPods are now linked to an iCloud account, it is impossible to track them if you take them.

    AirPods, Find My App

    AirPods lack network connectivity, so it isn’t easy to find them if they disappear.

    The Find My service, however, is very handy. It can be used for finding the last known address, getting directions, or playing sounds from devices that have been lost. It’s worth it to add your AirPods on Find My.

    How to Find Your AirPods With Find My iPhone

    Once you’ve set the Find My Service up for your AirPods, you can track it on any device. Open the Find My application on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Mac. This will let you see the exact location of your AirPods on the Map.

    It is also possible if you’re not far from your AirPods and wants to use the “Play Sound” option. Although an Apple device is required to enable the Find My service, it can be used on Android. Follow these steps for Find My to be used on non-Apple devices.

    Visit iCloud with a browser.
    Log in with your Apple ID.
    After that, click on Find My, and the AirPods should appear.
    AirPods track differently than an iPhone. You should also be aware that AirPods can be stolen. Repaired AirPods paired to other devices will not allow you to track them as they are connected to their iCloud. It will help if you exercise caution even when using the Find My service.

    How do you locate your AirPods case?

    It doesn’t matter if the AirPods don’t come in your bag. But, it is possible to do some detective work. You can search for your AirPods at Find My > Devices. By the AirPods, look for a green or grey light. Green indicates the case is nearby, while grey indicates it is not.

    What if my AirPods have been lost in the case?

    AirPods Max allows you to view your AirPods Max in Find My for 18 hours, provided they are kept in their cases.


    You have it!

    Apple’s Find My is one the most helpful services available today. It is equipped with useful functions like Directions and Plays Sound to help users find their AirPods.

    Don’t panic if your AirPods don’t appear in your pocket. Go to the iCloud website to search for your AirPods: no more cold sweats and mini heart attacks.

    What Find My feature do you find most helpful? What were your experiences with replacing lost AirPods? Comment below!

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