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How To actory Reset iphone Before Selling

    iPhones are more valuable than the majority of phones. Selling yours when upgrading to a different model is a good idea. It’s essential to clean your iPhone before selling it to confirm that all your personal information has been cleared and the phone is completely reset.

    It’s a breeze; most of the procedure is to log out from your Apple account and erase all information on your phone. However, there are additional things that you may have to take care of.

    Here, we’ll take you through all the steps to help you safely get rid of your iPhone and remove some of the pain of the cost of one of the top iPhones or the best smartphones.

    What exactly is a factory reset?

    Also called a master reset or hard reset, a factory reset refers to completely deleting the user’s data from your smartphone. The factory reset will restore the software to its original configurations by the manufacturer, and it functions as if it did not even take the phone from the packaging.

    Do You Need to Factory Reset your iPhone before selling?

    You must reset the factory settings of your iPhone before selling it. Don’t just give your iPhone to someone with all your personal information on it. You have to perform an iPhone reset before selling. Before that, however, you need to make an archive of your information to iCloud and then sign off the Apple ID. Factory resets should be repeated to prevent all your data from being stored in a backup program from the iPhone.

    Does it make sense to sell your iPhone after Factory Reset?

    It is legal to offer iPhones following the factory reset. Resets erase the data stored in the iPhone. However, the Apple ID will still be registered even if you did not leave before you reset.

    Do you know what not to do before offering or donating your iPhone?

    Before discussing what you need to do, you must provide you with the information you shouldn’t take. If you choose to give away, sell the iPhone, or trade it in for another iPhone:

    • Do not manually erase any reminders, contacts, calendar events, pictures, or videos because it will erase them from your iCloud or Google account.
    • Be careful not to remove the applications one by one. It is essential to keep them in a way you can back them to. We’ll explain how to delete applications later in this article.

    Reset your iPhone

    If you are factory resetting an iPhone, saving your data and signing off from the Apple ID before wiping it is essential.

    Save your iPhone backup to iCloud.

    The first step is to back up your iPhone’s data to iCloud so that you keep all the data you have saved.

    Necessary: Ensure your iPhone has a connection to Wi-Fi prior.

    • Start the Settings application and tap on your name and Apple ID at the top of the page.
    • On your Apple ID page, tap iCloud.
    • Tap iCloud Backup.
    • Press the toggle button for Backup This iPhone to turn it on. The phone will show an orange background once it’s turned on.
    • Make sure to tap Back Up Now to save all the data you have to iCloud immediately.

    Log out from your Apple ID

    It’s crucial to get rid of the Apple ID if you’re getting rid of your mobile to ensure no other person can access your account.

    • Launch the Settings application on your iPhone. Tap your name and Apple ID near the top of your screen.
    • On the right side of this page, press to sign out.
    • There may be a prompt to input your password. In that case, input your password. Then, click Off in the top right corner. Off at the top-right corner. This will turn off Find My.
    • Tap Sign Out in the upper right-hand corner.
    • You can confirm this by clicking Sign Out again in the prompt.

    Factory resets your iPhone.

    When you reset factory settings on your iPhone, back up your iPhone before you do so that you can restore your data in the future.

    • Start the Settings app, scroll to the bottom, then tap General.
    • click Reset and Transfer at the bottom of the General page. iPhone.
    • For a factory reset of your iPhone to factory reset, tap on delete all content and settings.
    • Tap for Continue and confirm that you want to erase the iPhone.
    • On the next screen, you must enter your passcode.
    • The iPhone will generate an iCloud backup. If you’ve previously created the Backup, click Skip Backup in the middle.
    • Input the Apple ID password and press On or Off at the top-right corner. This will turn off the Find My and activation Lock.
    • Lastly, press Erase iPhone to wipe out everything, including settings and content. It could take several minutes, based on how much data you’ve saved on your iPhone, and when the deletion process is complete, it will reboot with a fresh look.

    Now, you can restore your iPhone.

    When your phone has been backed up with all your accounts gone, reset your phone factory through the Settings application. After that, tap General > Erase All Content and Settings and confirm the decision. It will prompt you to enter the phone’s PIN code and then the Apple ID password to switch off the Apple Find My service.

    When you enter your password, your screen will turn dark; after that, the Apple logo and an indicator of progress will appear. After a few minutes, when you’re greeted, you’ll see the screen that reads “Hello” in various languages flashing, indicating that the reset succeeded.

    Your phone is now clean and waiting for a new owner. You can directly transfer it over in peace, knowing that all your personal information is no longer stored on the phone.

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