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How To Access YouTube Desktop Version On iPhone

    YouTube’s mobile-friendly YouTube version YouTube has made its way quite a ways in the last time. Most features available on laptops or desktops have been added to smartphones. From playlists and comments to annotations in dark mode, YouTube’s mobile website and mobile app have evolved in a positive direction.

    Sometimes, you’ll need the website on your desktop to use the video streaming. With more than half the internet traffic now on mobile devices, sometimes you’ll require switching to the computer version of YouTube for a specific job. Learn how to download the YouTube desktop version onto your tablet or phone.

    How can I access YouTube the Desktop Version of YouTube on an iPhone?

    Read on to learn the steps to start the YouTube desktop mode on iPhone and Safari YouTube Desktop mode with detailed images to help you understand the process.

    How can I Open the YouTube Desktop Version on iPhone?

    iOS devices are compatible with smartphones running. iOS can use the YouTube app, which you can download from YouTube’s App Store and then use the app. YouTube is a video streaming app with various food vlogs lif,e and beauty vlogs, gaming, and more. To access YouTube’s desktop or YouTube desktop app on iPhone or the YouTube desktop website, Follow the steps below.

    Method 1: Utilizing Safari Browser

    Here are the steps you need to follow to start the YouTube Desktop version using Safari.

    Step I: Setup JavaScript

    Make sure JavaScript is activated first. Ensure JavaScript is enabled in Safari before following the steps listed below. Without JavaScript being turned on and enabled, you won’t have access to the various functions on YouTube. To activate JavaScript, you must follow the instructions listed below.

    • Then, go to the Settings app on your iPhone.
    • Tap to open Safari and then Advanced.
    • Then, switch on the toggle to enable to enable the JavaScript option.

    Step II: Request the Desktop Website

    How to modify Safari settings so that it opens the YouTube desktop version on iPhone are as follows. The YouTube desktop app for iPhone can be found here.

    • To begin, launch the Safari application on your device.
    • In the next step, type into the address bar, then tap to go.
    • Tap on the icon for aA.
    • After that, click then on Request Desktop Website to view YouTube on the desktop. YouTube using your iPhone.

    Method 2: Use Firefox Browser

    Firefox is easy to use, so if you wish to connect to YouTube on the desktop or YouTube on your iPhone and iPad, you can benefit from this. Just follow these steps.

    • Start the Firefox application from your iPhone.
    • enter into the address bar, then tap on the go.
    • After that, tap hamburger from the lower right corner.
    • select the Request Desktop Site option from the pop-up menu next.

    Method 3: Utilizing the Google Chrome browser

    If you use Chrome on iOS, accessing YouTube’s desktop versions using your iPhone is possible—the steps listed below for this option.

    • Launch your Google Chrome app on your iPhone.
    • Enter into the address bar. Tap on play.
    • After the webpage loads when it loads, click on the three-dotted icon in the lower right corner.
    • Then, click on the Request Desktop Site option from the menu below that displays.

    In the end, you will be able to open the YouTube site in the desktop mode of your device.

    Tips to Improve Your YouTube desktop experience

    To maximize the YouTube desktop experience on your mobile device, think about these tips:

    Edit Video Quality: Modify the quality of video according to the speed of your connection to the internet and your device’s capabilities for seamless playback without buffering problems.

    Use Playback Speed to control the speed at which videos playback to view videos faster or slower, depending on the speed you prefer.

    Change the appearance of closed captions: Change the look of captions for closed captions to make them easier to read and appropriate to your needs.

    Explore the Channel Settings. If you’re a creator of content, look at the tools you can use on the desktop website to organize your videos and playlists and interact with your viewers efficiently.

    Final Affirmations

    Many features aren’t available for mobile users of YouTube, so many users prefer to use their desktop versions of YouTube for their mobile devices. If you’d like to switch to YouTube desktop mode within your Safari browser for iPhone or iPad, take the steps mentioned above in this post.

    Commonly asked questions

    How do I start YouTube from the Chrome Desktop?

    Start the Chrome web browser on your phone, and then, when you’re at YouTube’s mobile site, click on settings to select an upgrade to the desktop edition. YouTube’s desktop mode will be loaded on your tablet or phone within a few seconds.

    Are there any YouTube applications available to use with Chrome?

    There’s indeedThere’s a YouTube app. However, it’s just an open-source browser that connects to YouTube’s desktop site. There’s no specific application similar to Spotify or any other streaming app.

    Does YouTube come with a Desktop version?

    Youtube does have one. Based on the gadget and the browser you’re employing, you will be automatically directed to the correct version of the website. Utilize the instructions below to access a particular version of the website.

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