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How Old Do You Have To Be To Skydive

    We’ve seen Instagram-worthy images and videos of thrilling skydiving adventures. It’s among the most enjoyable experiences you can ever have, and children would be thrilled to take part in it.

    Youngsters are eagerly begging their parents to allow them to skydive, and some may even be tempted to let them. However, how old do you need to be to skydive legally?

    We’re here to answer your questions regarding how old you have to fly your first freefall.

    What you’re probably thinking of when you’re asking yourself, “How old do I have to be to skydive?’ is “how old must you be to skydive within the USA legally?’, or is it?

    The answer to that question is straightforward; it is mandatory to be 18 years old to skydive, and there is no age limit as long as you’re physically fit.


    In the country where you live, the minimum age to be eligible to skydive may differ. If other countries permit minors to skydive, why do we have a minimum age of 18 in America?

    In simplest terms, the age minimum for skydiving is 18 because that’s what the law requires. Like it would be best if you attained the age of 21 within the U.S. to drink alcohol (which is different for each country), there are laws regarding the age at which you can jump from an airplane. The law currently states that skydivers aren’t allowed to skydive until they’re legally considered to be an adult.

    This is due to the inherent risks involved in sports. While skydiving is essentially safer than people believe, Skydivers must sign waivers in order to safeguard the drop zone in case there are any accidents. It requires the signature of an adult who is fully aware of the dangers they’re taking.

    What is the minimum age to participate in tandem skydiving?

    The minimum age to skydive tandem for tandem skydiving in Australia is twelve years of age. The age limit is determined by the Australian Parachute Federation (APF). The APF announced in May that the age limit was reduced from 14 years due to industry and participant demand. This means that there were many people who were under 14 who wanted to leap from planes! While there are rules for children who are younger than 12 years old to skydive, the APF application process is a bit complicated and not used often for general use. Based on the APF, 90 percent of skydivers’ applications below 12 years of age come from children who were born into families that skydive (see Meet Tai, a child skydiver).


    Skydiving is an activity and not an amusement park. However, the ideal candidates for skydiving must be reasonably healthy and have a reasonable level of mobility. Before jumping, certain health conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure are worthy of careful consideration. Although, having these issues don’t necessarily mean you can’t benefit from skydiving. If you have any questions about your health and your eligibility to skydive, it’s essential to speak with your medical professional. After speaking with them, you can give us an email. We accept patients with medical restrictions on the basis of a case-by-case.

    Your First Skydive Will Be Worth The Wait

    If you’re not yet 18 and would like to skydive, inform the people around you that the only thing you’d like to do on your birthday on the 18th of July is skydiving. Throw a huge birthday party with friends and family at Skydive Danielson. We have a special discount cost for those who skydive on their birthdays. It’s well worth the waiting. Your first skydiving experience will be an unforgettable experience, and we’re eager to take you there.

    What’s the Minimum Age for Skydiving?

    Let’s first discuss who sets the rules.

    With DZONE(r) Skydiving, we offer top-of-the-line skydiving experiences in three distinctive places: Boise and Coeur D’Alene in Idaho Boise and Coeur D’Alene in Idaho as well as Bozeman within Montana. Each dropzone is affiliated with the USPA (United States Parachute Association) as well as PIA (Parachute Industry Association), The industry’s authorities that set the policy, technology, and training guidelines for skydiving. The USPA demands that all dropzones in its members follow strict guidelines regarding safety, instructor qualifications, and equipment maintenance.

    Is It Safe to Take Kids Skydiving?

    Children have a variety of other amazing possibilities to take part in extreme sports like skateboarding, motocross and skiing, horseback riding, and many more at a young age. We also believe that children represent the future for our sports with skydiving. We’ve had the pleasure to have taken some fantastic children who’ve written about their leap to overcome the bullying in their school. Skydiving allows kids to believe they’re capable of doing great things, build confidence, and boost their energy!

    Here’s a list of other aspects to think about when Skydiving with your kids:

    • We have harnesses that are smaller than those made by industry-specific manufacturers to be able to fit the small frame of children.
    • The child must also be 100% willing for jumping (i.e., not being coerced or pushed by parents)
    • We adhere to all FAA laws.
    • We can skydive in the perfect conditions for skydiving.
    • The sole proprietor, Ben Lowe, takes under 18 tandems for skydives and has completed over 11,000 skydives and is a former champion of the national canopy piloting competition and is a well-known expert in the skydiving business! Ben has also taken his 4-year-old son skydiving twice!


    Skydiving has this incredible ability to make you feel completely awestruck! The feelings you feel while skydiving are incredibly liberating, and many skydivers who are first left after their dive feel like they’ve become a different person. While many opt to skydive to thrill themselves but they are often surprised to discover that the incredible sensation of freedom and stunning spectacular beauty of skydiving is greater than what they had thought of. You feel extremely confident and fulfilled and prepared to conquer the world and conquer everything. Take a look at What Does Skydiving Feel like to find out more about the reasons why skydiving is as thrilling as it gets.

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