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how many perfect games in mlb history

    The night before, it was reported that the Philadelphia Phillies were no-hit by the Houston Astros pitching staff, which included four pitchers who worked together to accomplish this feat. Although it was a remarkable performance, it’s certainly not one of the best things you could achieve.

    This perfect match has only 23 games in Major League history. Over more hundred years of existence, the MLB has only played 23 flawless games. These are the 23 perfect games.

    Cy Young is one of the pitchers in MLB history who played an actual game.

    Cy Young, the man named baseball’s most coveted pitcher’s trophy, played a perfect game on May 5, 1904, to pitch the Boston Pilgrims against the Philadelphia Athletics. This was just one of 511 wins recorded by Young and included 76 shutouts as he climbed to a record ERA that was 2.63.

    Have you ever seen anyone throw an unbeatable game during the World Series?

    On October 8, 1956, during game 5 in the World Series, Don Larsen of the New York Yankees threw a perfect game against the Brooklyn Dodgers at Yankee Stadium. The right-handed pitcher threw just 97 pitches to win the game’s most historic victory.

    How common is a perfect game?

    According to statistics, a perfect game of baseball has a chance of one in 46,800 to occur. But, it isn’t an exact science because of various factors, including weather, players’ experience, and many more. From 1880 to the present, 23 games have been perfect in baseball. This is one perfect game every six years.

    Has anyone ever played a perfect game during a World Series game?

    Yes, one pitcher has played an unbeatable game during the World Series. On October 8, 1956, Don Larsen of the New York Yankees threw a perfect game against the Brooklyn Dodgers in game 5 of the World Series. The Yankees won the title in seven games the following year.

    Felix Hernandez, 2012

    The perfect game ever played by a player in MLB history was in the year 2012 by Seattle Mariners starter Felix Hernandez.

    Cy Young (Boston Americans)

    At the age of 37, The Great Young was still a legend. He led both his team both the AL in the AL and NL by shutouts (10) and the WHIP (0.94), and the strikeout-to-walk percentage (6.9). The game in question was a reprise of the match between Young and A’s top player Rube Waddell who had defeated him ten days prior. The second time around, Young got the upper hand, hitting eight times in a 3-0 win which was tied until the final sixth.

    Sandy Koufax, Los Angeles Dodgers

    If you’re looking to talk about a duel between pitchers, you should look at the game between Los Angeles Dodgers and Chicago Cubs, which took place on September 9, 1965.

    The game saw two significant league records set, which have yet to be broken concerning the smallest numbers of hits (one) and the smallest number of baserunners played by each team (two) at any time during MLB history.

    Cubs pitcher Bob Hendley allowed both baserunners and the only score of the game: an opening stroll to Dodgers left-fielder Lou Johnson to start the fifth inning. It resulted in Johnson scoring off an unintentional throw while he attempted to take third base and a double for Johnson in the seventh innings.

    John Ward (Providence Grays)

    This is a perfect game, but baseball was different in those days and included a pitcher’s mound just 45 feet from the plate. Ward was also known for his significant time in the field and outfield during his 17-year playing career as a pitcher for the National League’s Providence Grays, which ceased to exist in 1885.

    Don Larsen, New York Yankees

    Don Larsen might not be a Hall of Fame pitcher. He’s certainly not one of the greatest pitchers of his generation.

    He could have been a more effective pitcher on the team.

    However, he was the perfect pitcher to pitch in the New York Yankees in Game 5 of the 1956 World Series.

    The Brooklyn Dodgers took the series’ first two games, while the Yankees were victorious in the second pair, which led to a pivotal moment in Game 5.

    With a team of famous players, such as Pee Wee Reese, Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider, and Roy Campanella, Larsen put all he could into the 97 pitches the pitcher threw, knocking 7 Dodgers.

    John Means, May 5, 2021

    Do you remember this game? It’s another excellent illustration of how hard the ideal match can be. Means faced 27 batters and did not allow any walks or hits. He did not hit anyone by throwing a strike. He and his Orioles teammates didn’t make any mistakes. So, what went wrong?

    In the third inning, Means hit Sam Haggerty of the Mariners. However, Orioles catcher Pedro Severino could not keep a hold of Means the wild pitch. Haggerty got to first base due to the incident. He was eventually found to be stealing and could keep Means his outing to a maximum of 27 batters.

    Surely the good news is that it didn’t happen in the late hours? With the perfect over, the only drama of the late innings was whether Means would be able to finish the no-hitter. He was successful, scoring 6-1.

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