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How Long Does it Take to Resize a Ring

    It is easy to find a ring that doesn’t fit you properly after buying it. Sometimes, the call can get too big or too small as you gain weight. It will also be challenging to wear it on a different hand. It doesn’t matter what reason it might be; it is time to have the ring resized.

    What time does it take to resize wedding rings? Local jewelers may be able to resize your rings faster than chain jewelers, and chain jewelers have to send crews away to resize them. It usually takes 7-10 working days for the wedding ring to arrive back at you.

    Your ring size will vary depending on its type and the jewelry shop where it is being taken. There are two kinds of repairs, and standard maintenance can take a while, but quick fixes are available. Let’s examine your options and determine how long it takes to resize a ring.

    What factors impact the process and length of ring resizing?

    Resizing your ring might be different depending upon the metal and type. Here are some factors that could impact the way jewelers resize a ring.

    • A colored stone must not be exposed to heat unless it is part of the ring. There is no way to get around this.
    • It is impossible to resize set stones more than once without completely resetting them.
    • Because platinum rings have a high melting point, you need to expose them to much more heat. We have already mentioned that this can cause problems for platinum rings that contain colored stones. Jewelers will need to use laser solderer and not flame solder to prevent damage to the rocks and ring.
    • Silver is generally more complex than gold, as it is easier to work and is softer.
    • Stainless steel rings can still be resized, regardless of what your local jeweler may suggest. Many jewelers avoid stainless steel resizing due to its high melting point. This means that you will need specialized machines, such as high-powered lasers and TIG welders, and these tools are often only accessible to jewelry manufacturers. Quick Jewelry Repairs is one among the few services that offer ring resizing of stainless steel rings.

    You don’t have to worry about ring size if you visit Quick Jewelry Repairs. Quality assurance and the ability to quickly turn around jewelry.

    Where can I get my ring resized?

    Hire an expert to resize your diamond ring. For a more straightforward band, a local jeweler may complete the task.

    They will likely do that faster or even on the spot in most cases. A large jewelry store can repair, but it may take two to three months.

    Choose a jeweler who has received excellent recommendations from a friend or family member. Avoid cheap jewelers and find an expert in a local jewelry shop. It’s also a perfect option to search for a traveling personal jeweler.

    You should check the warranty for the brand you purchased the ring. Manufacturers will usually void warranties if the settings are altered by someone else.

    You can resize your wedding ring larger.

    Resizing a wedding ring to make it bigger (also known as “upsizing a ring”) is a complex process, and it takes time and depends on how big the call must be.

    The ring’s metal can be stretched to increase its size. However, this will only allow you to increase the ring’s size by about a quarter of an inch.

    A bridge can be added to your wedding ring by making the circle smaller. Your jeweler will cut a band from the ring’s shank to increase its size.

    Finally, the ring’s shape will again be restored.

    Resize your Wedding Ring to be Smaller

    It is much easier to make your wedding rings smaller than to make them larger. The jeweler will need to take a portion off the band and attach them back together, and they will then be soldered again by the jeweler.

    The jeweler will clean and polish your ring after it is soldered, and this will remove any potential antioxidants.

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