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how long does it take to get into space

It all depends on what you refer to by “into the space.” If you’re looking to go into orbit around Earth, you must attain speeds of at least 4.9 miles per second, equivalent to about 17,600 miles an hour. Suppose you’re looking to completely escape the gravity of Earth and travel to another planet or Moon. In that case, however, you’ll need to accelerate even more and at seven miles per second or approximately 250,000 miles an hour.

What is the time it takes to travel from Earth to space?

Space is located at the bottom of the Earth’s atmosphere, approximately sixty miles higher. This is known as”the Karman Line and means you’ve crossed over the Thermosphere and are now in the Exosphere. NASA Director of launch Mike Leinbach said: “It takes about 8 1/2 minutes to reach the orbit.

What is the time frame To Reach Outer Space?

Depending on the mission and spacecraft description, it could take from 6 hours to three days to reach the International Space Station. It took Apollo astronauts three days to get the Moon. While the Moon is a lot further away from the ISS, the Apollo spacecraft traveled faster and more directly.

What is the time it takes for space travel?

Short answer: Just a few minutes.

Long answer The official “start for space” is 100 kilometers higher than sea level, and this is known as”the Karman line. Most rockets reach this stage within a couple of minutes after launch; however, it takes much longer to get to their ultimate orbit (or another destination). The exact timing is dependent on the rocket as well as other variables. Here are some examples:

Space Shuttle: Karman line in 2 1/2 minutes orbiting in 8 1/2 minutes.

SpaceX Falcon Heavy: Karman line in 3 5 minutes.

Does an hour of space equal seven years from Earth?

The first planet they arrive on is near the supermassive black hole known as Gargantuan. Its gravitational pull generates enormous waves on the Earth, which hurl their spacecraft around. The proximity to the black hole causes an extreme time dilation, which means an hour on the far-away planet is seven years on Earth.

Do you get older faster in space?

Our experience is measured within space-time differently. It’s because space-time doesn’t have a flat surface — it’s curved and can be distorted by energy and matter. … For astronauts aboard the International Space Station, that means that they grow older slightly faster than those on Earth. This is due to the effects of time dilation.

How long is one day on Moon?

The most basic answer is The definition of a day is the interval between two noons or sunsets. This is 24-hours on Earth, 708.7 hours (29.53 Earth days) on the Moon.

ENTRY INTO space outside

Space is vast beyond imagination; however, there’s one line that divides our planet Earth and the remainder of the universe. We refer to that line as the Karman Line, and it’s only 62 miles higher than our planet! The objects below the line sink back into Earth’s atmosphere while things above the line remain in space. Space shuttles can travel to this line Karman Line in just a few minutes, which means that reaching length is the most accessible portion of the journey. However, getting around in space is more arduous.


Finding a place in space, such as an object in length and an International Space Station, isn’t an easy feat. The entire Solar System revolves around our sun, meaning things aren’t in an exact location. This means that spacecraft cannot travel straight towards their destination. Instead, they require an upward spiral to eventually meet that orbital path of the space station or planet they’re trying to get to. It takes a lot more time than traveling in straight lines!

What is the length of an hour’s space-time?

Answer: The answer is that the number times 1 hour equals 0.0026 seconds. Therefore, a person in this deep space station could have a clock that will run for an hour, and the person would have calculated that the clock was running for 59 mins, 59.9974 seconds.

What is the time it takes to reach the Moon?

approximately three days

It takes around three days for craft to get close enough to the Moon. In that time, the spacecraft must travel at a minimum of two40,000 miles (386,400 kilometers), the distance between Earth and the Moon. The precise length will depend on the exact route taken.

How long will it take to get to Mars?

If you had to travel to Mars using the current speed of spaceships, the trip would take about nine months, as per the Nasa Goddard Space flight Centre’s website. Spacecraft that are not human-crewed and traveling towards Mars have taken between 128 to 331 days to get to Mars.

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