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How Long Does a Root Canal Take

North Shore & Brookline Endodontics has often referred patients for root canal treatment. Patients usually bring a list of questions with them to their appointment. Many of these concerns are related to logistics for root canal treatment. What time does it take to perform a root canal procedure? How many positions are required? What is recovery like? Below are some of the most common questions we get from our patients.

The average time for a root canal appointment is 60-90 minutes. However, complex procedures may take longer.

The length of time you will be sitting in the chair for your procedure depends on several factors. These include the severity of the infection, the condition of the tooth that requires root canal therapy, as well as other issues related to your oral health.

Before you start to fear having to endure a root-canal procedure, we want it to be clear that it shouldn’t hurt. Root canals are often misunderstood. While they can cause pain, root canal therapy will not be done appropriately.

Your dentist will usually perform root canal therapy. Depending on the scope and extent of the work, it may take one or two visits.

What length of time will your root canal take you?

Root canals take more time than routine fillings. It is usually longer because the entire tooth needs to be anesthetized, prepared, and prepared. A straightforward root canal takes between 30 minutes and over an hour in most cases. Some cases require more time, such as 90 minutes for a simple root canal. If the dentist or an endodontist recommends a permanent crown or filling, it may take longer. Several factors influence the length of a root-canal procedure.

Some teeth only need treatment for one root. Others may require treatment from multiple sources.
Canines, incisors. Canine teeth and incisors are located in the front part of your mouth. They help you chew food and break it down. Because they have only one root, it is faster and easier to fill and treat.
Premolars. Premolars will be located towards the middle part of your teeth. Premolars have either one or two roots, so it may take a while to get them out.

Molars. Molars, which are the large back teeth of your jaw, can have up to four canals. Root canals of molars are usually performed in 90 minutes.

Teeth cannot heal themselves like other parts. If left untreated, infection and inflammation can spread to other tissues or areas of your mouth. Root canals are necessary to preserve natural teeth. Fillings and cleanings can’t remove all of the pulp. The only other option for a root canal is to extract the whole tooth. Extractions are much more involved and expensive than a root canal. To keep your oral health in good shape, you’ll need to replace the missing tooth with an implant, crown, or bridge.

What is involved with a root canal procedure?

The root canal procedure involves many steps, but they all seem pretty straightforward. Here’s what to expect at your appointment

  • The dentist will apply local anesthetics to numb the whole area where your tooth/s are being treated.
  • They will drill a small hole into your tooth using sterilized equipment. They’ll then slowly clean your insides, removing any decayed tissue or infection.
  • The dentist may clean your tooth multiple times. If you have an infection, your dentist might place the medication in your tooth.
  • They will take X-rays to ensure the root is clear.
  • You can have a temporary filling placed in the area of your tooth that is causing the problem. The dentist who finishes the root canal procedure in one visit may recommend a permanent restoration.

A crown might be fitted during a follow-up to protect and seal your tooth permanently. Heights can be significant after a tooth root canal. This is especially true for back teeth that are used in chewing.

How does root canal treatment work?

Many patients find that their root canal treatment goes more quickly and is more straightforward than anticipated. Endodontic treatment is often completed to allow patients to return to work. Post-operative symptoms usually subside with the use of over-the-counter pain medication. There will be some tenderness and swelling, but it usually lasts a few hours.

Which Approach is Best?

As you might imagine, the best treatment plan will be the one that you and the dentist agree upon. It is not as simple as making one long visit to resolve the problem and then going back for more holidays. It is best to choose the one that gives you the most health in the long term. You must treat the cause of the toothache and determine the best treatment. It may take several weeks to get antibacterial or oral antibiotics to ensure that the infection does not return.

Is it necessary to make a second appointment?

There is a possibility that another appointment will be needed. If there are two appointments, the first one will be used for cleaning and shaping the root canal system. The second appointment will cover the filling and sealing of the tooth.

These appointments are often scheduled one week apart. This reduces potential flare-ups and has the benefit of reducing stress. It allows the dentist to monitor the healing of your tooth.

What Is Root Canal Therapy and How Does It Work?

Root canal therapy (often called “root canal”) is an oral healthcare procedure in which the root pulp is removed from damaged, dead, and diseased teeth. This can be used to prevent abscesses or avoid an extraction.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal, or the pulp chamber, is an inner part of a tooth. It contains pulp, nerves, and blood vessels. These connect your teeth to your bone, gums, and nerves.

Every root has a root channel, but some sources have more than one.

It is necessary to perform a root canal procedure to treat root canal infection or inflammation.

If left untreated, the infection can spread to other areas of your mouth and body. Your tooth might turn yellow or black, and you may experience pain.

Tooth removal is an alternative to root canal surgery. Tooth extraction can be more expensive and cause more pain. You may also lose the health benefits of your natural teeth.

Why is it that root canals sometimes require two visits?

Your dentist may decide to split your procedure depending on the severity and type of tooth that needs root canal therapy. Their first appointment will be devoted to removing the infected tissues. This may not be necessary if it’s more severe or in an inaccessible area. Once they have removed the infection, they will put temporary antibacterial medication into your tooth until you return for your next appointment.

Your second treatment will include some more cleaning and permanent sealant. An appointment will be made to place a filling and, in certain circumstances, a crown.

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