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how Long Can Bed Bugs Live Without Food

    A newly born bed bug is known as Nymph. Nymphs undergo five stages before turning into adults. As a bug matures, they shed their skin. The bed bugs in their early stages molt five times before they reach maturity. They need to feed between each molt. Because of this, the nymphs have to feed more frequently. Even at their earliest, the newly born bed bugs will last for a minimum of several weeks without eating.

    If nymphs survive weeks without eating, How long will bed bugs survive without blood after they have reached maturity? It is dependent on the conditions. In warm climates, they will typically seek to feed regularly. Bed bugs that are adults can live for around five months without having a blood meal.

    When the bed bug has settled on its host, the bed bug will feed for a couple of minutes. The amount of food consumed will depend upon the development stage, the amount consumed last time, and the time since the last time it ate. When the bed bug has become fully stuffed with food, it will depart the host and go back to a crevice or crack, typically where bed bugs gather.

    Bed bugs typically feed between three and seven days. This means that most of the population is in the digestion state and not eating often. But, since pests like bedbugs increase, it could be overwhelming to awaken with fresh bites each day. This can result in high anxiety levels and a lack of sleep.

    In which area do bed Bugs Where Do Bed Bugs

    Wherever you are around the globe, you will likely encounter bed bugs near your house. They are highly flexible to temperature. They have been observed even in the coldest winters in Canada and the hot summers in India, along with those of the Middle East.

    They can be found in bags, luggage, or even clothes moving from one place to another. Bed bugs breed rapidly and can begin becoming infected within a few months. They pose extremely dangerous, especially in cities.

    What They Eat

    The expression, “Good night. Don’t let bed bugs bite you,” has been a staple of American culture since the 1800s. Even the writer F. Scott Fitzgerald used the phrase in one of his works.

    Nowadays, parents can use it with their kids as a charming nighttime ritual; however, at one point, the phrase held an actual meaning. Before modern insect control, humans were in constant fear of these sly pests at night. To sleep was a constant battle at night, with humans nearly all the time losing against these versatile creatures.

    How often do the Bed Bugs Feed?

    People who have a bed bug infestation are attacked almost every day. This is because they incorrectly assume that the same bugs feed on them. Blocking access to food sources for the bugs for even a few days will aid in getting rid of the bugs.

    It’s not the case. A typical adult bed bug requires feeding every 10 or 12 days to function. Nymphs feed every week to shed their skin and progress to reach the next stage. So if you’re being daily bitten, there is a good chance that you have a significant bug problem on your hands.

    Bed bug nymphs growing typically take between 2 and five minutes before feeding. Adults with larger sizes require more blood and can take as long as 10-minutes to feed. The bug’s feeding area is tiny, and bites are usually not stingy.


    When you consider the length of time that bed bugs endure on their own, it becomes clear that starvation isn’t an option. The tiny insects could outlast your patience!
    You can use plenty of other solutions if you’re struggling with an infestation. Explore our guidebooks on bed bugs to find out more!

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