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How Do I Generate AI Chat Wallpaper On Snapchat

    Snapchat Plus users will soon be able to access additional AI-related features. Snapchat was among the initial social media platforms for the AI race. It was the first platform to offer an AI chatbot called My AI in April 2023. Snapchat has expanded its AI user experience by allowing users to share and create AI-generated images, much like the DALL-E system, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion. In addition, it has added an intriguing AI feature that will help you crop your images correctly.

    “There are already a myriad of options to allow Snapchat+ users to communicate with AI by designing a new Generative AI Bitmoji Background or Chat Wallpaper or transforming themselves into creative ways using Dreams and learning more about the world around them through conversations through My AI,” Snapchat announced in a blog post that announced the latest features. We’re now offering more significant users opportunities to edit, capture, and create photos that inspire ongoing interaction through visual conversation.”

    What’s My AI on Snapchat?

    My AI is an incredibly robust AI chatbot and an exciting feature Snapchat recently introduced to its customers. It lets you communicate via a chatbot powered by open ChatGPT technology. It provides a higher quality of service and personalized recommendations to enhance your Snapchat experience using AI.

    The chatbot utilizes advanced natural language processing techniques to comprehend your questions and give you relevant responses, suggestions, and other information.

    How Do I Get My AI On Snapchat For Free

    Before this, My AI was only available for Snapchat and subscribers. Now, My AI is free. All you have to do is launch My AI.

    My AI can also be found if you are using Snapchat from a PC. However, you can see how it operates on mobile apps:

    • Within the Snapchat application, click Chat for a switch to that tab.
    • Choose My AI from the menu.
    • If you’re the first to use AI on Snapchat, you’re greeted with a welcome message. Click OK to begin chatting.

    How do I create an AI Chat Wallpaper for Snapchat?

    AI chat wallpapers provide an additional excellent option for customization for Snapchat in that it makes and lets you choose backgrounds in the chat stream according to your preferences. Currently, however, the choice is only available to Snapchatplus users.

    • Go to the Chat you are looking for on Snapchat, who you would like to modify the background. Then, access the profile.
    • Tap the wallpaper under our Chat.
    • You can choose one of the pre-designed wallpapers or the Generate Option from Option… Input button, then type input.
      You can press the dice icon to select any random choice.

    • Tap Search to start creating wallpaper based on the prompt. Select your favorite wallpaper from the result.
    • View the wallpaper. You can decide if you want to blur the wallpaper and press confirm to change the wallpaper.

    How do I create an AI profile background for Snapchat?

    Creating AI background images for your profile using Snapchat is a fun and unique way to add a personal touch to your account.

    Launch Snapchat and tap your Bitmoji avatar in the upper left corner of the screen to access the profile page.

    Click on the Bitmoji you want to use and choose a pose and background.

    From the generated prompt. In the input bar, enter the prompt you want to use for a unique background for your profile.

    Select a background from the list, tap the Set Background button, and select Save.

    How do I Make Use of My AI

    The platform’s nifty and fascinating chatbot is only accessible to Snapchat+ subscribers. If you’re not already a Snapchat+ subscriber, consider joining to take advantage of this latest AI feature.

    Be aware that Snapchat+ is available for iPhone as well as Android devices. It’s $3.99 per month. It also grants users access to advanced features such as extended story expiration times cameras, color border borders for the camera, customizable notification sounds, and many more.

    To Snapchat+ subscribers, the My AI tool is on by default. It is only necessary to access your Chat screen to access My AI. Then follow the steps below:

    • Start the Snapchat application using the iPhone as well as Android.
    • Right-click on your camera screen.
    • Test your experience with My AI tool by sending an email request, query, or even a job.
    • If you recently signed up to Snapchat+ to use this app, wait a few days before you can see My AI on your chat screen. When installed, it’ll appear as a pinned chat on the top of your Chat screen.

    Commonly Answered Questions

    Does Snapchat’s Snapchat AI Chatbot Record Conversations?

    Snapchat My AI does store your chat conversations within the Chat Tab. These conversations remain on the server until you remove the chat tab. Although this may be a privacy issue, Snapchat servers are generally secure, and your information should be safe. However, if you’re comfortable with this, follow these steps to delete Snapchat’s AI chatbot from your feed.

    What other data can it access?

    When Snapchat keeps your chats, however, it also keeps track of your location at the city level. According to the company, this data can enhance your AI chatbot. It can also be utilized to improve its products and provide better-quality advertising.

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