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How do I delete history on Reddit app?

    If you’ve spent a substantial amount online, then you’ve been to Reddit. The site declares itself that it is the “front page of the web,” and that claim should not be taken lightly. As per Alexa, Reddit is the seventh most visited website across the United States and the 19th most popular across the globe at the date of this article.

    What exactly is Reddit really about? It’s a massive group of forums where users can post content and news and comment on each other’s content.

    The Reddit community is a community for everyone, whether you’re looking for the latest news and fandoms, sports conspiracy theories, or just a constant stream of the best content.

    If you’re a novice to Reddit or an experienced Redditor like yourself, the main concern on the internet must be to protect your privacy. One way to protect your privacy while on Reddit is to conceal all of your Reddit comments and posts.

    How can I remove Reddit Search History from the Reddit Website?

    Here’s how you can remove specific searches from your Reddit Search history

    Visit the Reddit website and then use it to search.

    This applies to the two versions of Reddit; however, you’ll find a different set of terms based on the version you go to.

    Move your mouse to the search term you wish to get rid of and select the trash icon.

    Do you not see the term you’re trying to get rid of? Type the initial characters of your search term, which will be displayed.

    It will then be deleted. Repeat the steps above to remove other terms.

    The deletion of Reddit App History on an iPhone

    If you’re looking to erase the Reddit app history on your smartphone, You can follow these easy steps.

    Your history of all the websites you’ve been to on an iPhone is erased by using the Settings app and then navigating to Safari. You’ll see the list of sites saved in the history. Additionally, you can tap any of them to determine the app it is linked to. If Reddit is omitted, It could be because it was opened within a private browser.

    To clear Reddit history from the app, open the app Reddit and go to the preferences. In the History section, you’ll be able to find an option to Clear Browsing Data. Click on it, and then confirm that you wish to delete cookies and history. This will remove the Reddit account history on your smartphone.

    Remove History From The Reddit App (Android and iPhone)

    The deletion of Reddit history works the same for Android and iPhone apps. This is how it is:

    Step 1. If you’re using an Android or iPhone device, click on the app’s icon to open Reddit.

    Step 2: On the left-hand side of your home screen, click on your Profile.

    Step 3: Scroll to the lower right corner of the screen, click on Settings, Scroll down and tap Clear Local History.

    Step 4 4. Depending on the type of data you want to delete, you may choose to clear all and Clear input data. When you see the prompt on the screen, click Clear to confirm the deletion.

    History comments can be deleted chats, chats, cache files, and search history on any device. The procedure is simple. You must download the Reddit application, open it, go to your Profile, choose Settings, and then go to the bottom of the page to erase your local history. After that, click clear history.

    How to delete history using the manual Method

    Here’s the guideline on how you can remove history by hand:

    It is possible to erase history manually.

    1. Open your browser. In the browser window, you will see three or four parallel lines. Click on them, and an options menu will appear.

    2. Then scroll to the icon’settin’s’ and tap it. A menu with a list will appear.

    3. Scroll through the options listed up to the “Privacy” icon. Tap on it. A menu will pop up.

    4. Scroll through the list, then press’securi’y’. A menu will be displayed.

    5. Scroll down and click on “History.” A list of websites will be displayed. You can choose to delete specific websites or remove all sites. To delete all areas, tap the ‘delete all’ button and press “OK.” That way, you’ve erased all of your Reddit histories.

    Does deleting my account erase My Comments and Posts History?

    If you decide you’d prefer to get over with it and close your Reddit account, There are a few things to keep in mind before doing it.

    First, you should know that deleting your account won’t remove your comments or posts. But the other users will not be able to identify the person who made them, which could be advantageous.

    In addition, by deleting the account, you will lose all the praises and awards you’ve earned, including your Karma. If you’ve been using your account for a while and are a long-time user, it’s possible to throw away a significant amount of Karma. Consider carefully before deciding that this is the best option for you.


    You can remove the history of your Reddit history by going into the History section. Deleting your Reddit history won’t delete the comments and posts you’ve made. This is why you need to erase your comments and posts. In this article, you will learn how to delete your Reddit history using your phone’s Reddit app.

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