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Hamilton Beach 6 Slice Easy Reach Toaster Oven With Convection

    It’s not easy to find a model that is as distinctive as Hamilton’s Beach(r) easy Reach(tm) Toaster Oven with the Roll-Top Door. The specially designed opening lets the food products be readily accessible. Additionally, because it is opened above the stove’s upper part, it allows the counter space to the front. It’s also simple to clean because the food will not spill onto the door.

    It doesn’t stop in its innovative design. The oven’s unique features include convection and an integrated fan that distributes the heat to produce faster and more consistent results. Alongside the capability to effortlessly bake, toast or broil and toast, this feature has earned this oven the title of “Stellar performance”, as cited in Bon Appetit magazine. It also gets regular, four-star reviews from consumers. With the capability of 6 slices of toast and two rack positions, it can prepare a range of foods, from snacks or sheet pan-cooked meals.

    A Must-Have Countertop

    The easy Reach(tm) Toaster Oven with the Roll-Top Door is a popular choice for home cooks and professional chefs. The average rating is four stars, and it was named the top prize from Test Drive Toaster Oven Test Drive by Bon Appetit magazine.

    Hamilton Beach Easy Reach Countertop Toaster Oven, 4-Slices, Red (31337D)

    Easy access to food and counters The Roll-Top Door opens upwards and away from the way to ensure that you can have secure and quick access to food both before and after cooking.
    Easy to maintain clean door is spotless and free of spills and drips
    Cooking the Bake Broil, Toasting it two positions on the Rack, as well as the Bake Pan lets you begin cooking a variety of foods
    Four slices of toast fit or Fit 9″ Pizza. The spacious interior allows you to cook everything from snacks to Side Dishes
    Contoured Knobs that are Simple to Use This new design is Simpler to move and use, but they’re also more secure.

    The Countertop is easily accessible from the Countertop

    Its simple Reach(tm) Toaster Oven door can be opened both up and down, which makes it much easier to move your food items directly from the oven onto your plate when it’s cooked.

    Easy Access to Food

    Sprinkle cheese over pizza as it bakes, or take a bite of toast at an area in the rear of your kitchen without having to fumble. The roll-top doors can be lifted up and away from the way to allow you to reach food before or after you cook it.

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