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Fallout 4 Crashes When Loading Save

    This has caused many problems in Fallout 4 for an extended period, and the developers have been unable to find a solution that could completely resolve the issue. In addition, users are dissatisfied with the fixes, and consequently, most users aren’t willing to risk the files they have saved.

    Fallout 4 Keeps Crashing

    Luckily, at exporter, we went over and above to investigate the crash issues causing crashes in Fallout 4. Based on our research, there could be a variety of causes for this to be occurring. In addition, you’ll need to implement some steps that we’ll discuss below.

    The initial measures are becoming relatively simple and don’t require much technical knowledge. But, considering the nature of these crashes that aren’t prone to error, we’ll look deeper into the methods and confirm using the appropriate measures.

    Fallout 4 crashes when loading

    After entering a saved game, the game crashes (between 15 seconds and an hour or so after loading in) and then crashes onto the desktop. There’s no message on Event Viewer or any other logs, and no mods are installed. I’ve tried:

    Update the game or verify the installation by using steam.

    Restart the computer after updating Windows/NVIDIA drivers. the computer
    Utilizing various saves, various characters, and exits, etc., I’ve used my friend’s save. It works with his setup perfectly.
    Resetting graphics settings, changing them to low/medium/high/ultra.

    Uninstall Mods

    The first thing to do is to be aware mods are among the main reasons for Fallout 4 crashes. Mods aren’t necessarily harmful. However, they tend to rewrite the original file, resulting in the game’s not accepting your input. In contrast, this isn’t new, and we’ve encountered a similar issue when XCOM 2 had was unable to work when mods were used.

    In addition, you may not lose any mods finishing this process. Our advice is to uninstall each mode one time and then play the game repeatedly. This will ensure that you can identify the mod which is the cause of the issue and avoid the risk of losing all your files.

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