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Does Google keep your search history?

    According to the company, Google will no more keep the complete history of every user’s search in a move to increase its privacy credentials against vigorous opposition from Apple, the arch-rival. Apple.

    The company can now immediately erase the saved data of new users’ activities both on the internet, and within applications, after 18 months, the CEO Sundar Pichai said on Wednesday. In the past, this data was kept for a long time by default, something the company claimed was needed to customize its services to individuals.

    People who have chosen to the store the location histories of their phone, which is an account of every place they’ve been while using their phone, will immediately delete the data within 18 months.

    In addition, Google has been storing information about searches and other activities of its users in its databases since they began using web history in 2005. Privacy is essential when you plan to shield your search data from other users; eliminating sensitive data from the Google history is necessary.

    How long will Google preserve my search history?

    Google keeps the local information of your search history for up to 6 months. After that, if you wish to erase your history of searches, you can go to the Privacy section in Google’s settings.

    What can I do to stop Google from storing your search histories?

    You can remove your search history using the Google application on your smartphone. You can also go to to delete it from your browser.

    How can I erase Google Search History on iPad?

    Open Google Chrome or Safari on your iPad and go to
    Click on the three horizontal lines and choose to Remove Activity by.
    Next, click on All Products and select Search.
    Click the down arrow below the Delete By Date option, then choose All Time.
    After pressing delete, a pop-up warning will pop up. Select OK to erase your Google history on your iPad. Keep in mind that deleted items aren’t recoverable!

    Find out what information is private Google can consider ‘public.’

    Google likely has your name, face, birthday, gender, and any other email addresses you have, and your password and phone number. Some of these are listed in the public domain (not your password, however, obviously). This is how you can discover what Google discloses to the world about you.

    1. Open a browser and go through your Google Account. Google Account page.
    2. Enter your Google account username (with and in place of “”).
    3. On the menu, select Personal information and then review the details. You can edit or erase your picture name, birthday, gender, password, gender, other email addresses, and phone number.
    4. For those who want to find out the information you have made publicly available, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click”About me.
    5. This page shows every line is identified with an icon for people (visible to everyone), Office building icons (visible only to the organization you work for), or a lock symbol (visible only to only you). Please select an item and choose whether it is semi-public, public, or private. There’s currently no option for you to turn your login completely private.

    How do you erase Google Search History in the Google Browser?

    The most straightforward method to erase the Google historical search records is on your laptop or desktop computer. First, you need to open your internet browser (any browser is fine, but it doesn’t necessarily need to use Google Chrome (read our Google Chrome review). After that, you can go to Gmail and another Google application, like Google Drive, or go to the Google web search site.

    Log in to Google and open your account.
    First, you must log in to your Google account and do this by pressing the icon on the upper-right edge of the screen. It’ll have either your photo or initials. If a new tab appears, click “manage your Google accounts” to proceed.

    Go to “Web and App Activity”
    You’ll be taken to the main screen to sign in with your Google account. Then, on the left-hand side, an entry reads “data and privacy.” Click on that, after which, about a few steps down the page, you have to click on the link which reads “web and apps activity.”

    Click on “Manage all Web & App Activity”
    There’s a final procedure to complete before removing your account (wonder why they do this?). The next screen will be the summary of your settings for the activity. Scroll to the bottom and click the button that reads “manage every web and activity on apps.”

    Remove Your Google History
    On the screen, you’ll see a list of all websites you’ve recently visited, and if you’ve erased your browsing history, you’ll see a small cactus and a message that says “no activities.” Then, there’s another button with “delete” Click on it.

    Indicate the Date You Are Looking to Delete Your Google Account

    The only thing left is to choose the amount of time you would like to erase your search or account’s history. We suggest choosing”always,” but you can also select the “always” alternative; however, you might have other goals. After that, all you have been doing is confirm your selection, and then you’re done.

    Can I recover my deleted Google Search history?

    For help in this regard, learn how to restore any erased Google history. The first step is to check the “My Activities” page. If there’s no information available, you could look up data on the drive of your computer or use software to recover data.

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