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Does Eren Die in Attack on Titan

    What would “Attack On Titan be without its flaunting character, overeager, and cocky character? The premiere episode in season 4, part 2, has us thinking about the question. In the first episode of the series, Eren is this traumatized teenager who is adamant about improving his community and is quite romantic, to put it lightly. But the passage of time, as well as the fear of losing it, can be a potent driver, and, as the season progresses, we witness Eren transform into an antagonist who has his version of revenge.

    In his final minutes of the War for Paradis arc, Eren Yeager is killed when Mikasa is slain. Eren was declared the world’s enemy before the final battle and was enraged by his hunt, which is why Mikasa was forced to kill him.

    The remainder of this article will provide the circumstances that led to Eren Yeager passing away. It will explain why the main character had died in the initial instance and how his death was at the hands of Mikasa.

    Does Eren die in ‘Attack on Titan’?

    Unfortunately, yes. Eren dies in the final chapter of the series. For those who love the show, this may be a tricky thing to accept because we’ve followed his journey to bring revenge on the death of his parents and to discover the world beyond the walls since the beginning.

    And it’s not typical for mangakas and other creators who write manga to end their principal characters. The worst part is the way the mangaka passed away, and however, the story ends in a way where his death is seen as crucial in connecting everything.

    In the final scene of the manga Mikasa, Armin, Levi, and other soldiers are fighting Eren and are the cause of all battle. After a while, Mikasa can get into Eren’s mouth. Titan form in which his body is revealed, and she slays Eren.

    How did Eren die in Attack on Titan?

    To comprehend how and why Eren was killed during Attack on Titan, we need to share his entire story because the development of his character is crucial to understanding the events that take place for Eren. Due to his tragic tale, you can’t simply understand every event from the book’s last chapters without knowing what transpired before.

    Eren Yeager is introduced as a ten-year-old child who lives in Shiganshina and dreams of joining the Exploration Corps to explore the outside world beyond the walls. One year before the incident in the tale, while accompanying Eren with his dad Grisha to visit his family, Eren helps Mikasa dispatch her kidnappers and develops his own beliefs as a child.

    What happens after Eren dies?

    As Eren is gone, so are the remaining members of The Titan race. If you’re familiar with the show and know the story, you’ll be aware it’s true that Titans are the race of”The Subjects of Ymir who descend from Ymir Fritz.

    She discovered the ability to become one through the origin of all matter, a.k.a. the shining centipede. Her soul was divided into various parts that became the multiple kinds of Titans at her death.

    When Eren is gone, the cause of all matter disappears, and each member of the Titan race is reverted to their standard form. This means no Titan race has disappeared and the end of the Attack on Titan series. Mikasa introduces Eren’s head to Armin, and they mourn their lost friend.

    In the final pages, the manga reveals how Eren is buried beneath the tree in Paradis Island that he napped in as a kid. The soldiers and his friends visit him, and Mikasa declares that she would like to see him once more.

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