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Difference Between,, &

    As with many Microsoft products, the name of Hotmail has been changed at least once or two times and has caused quite a bit of confusion. Let me try to understand the complexities of all this.
    Is there no longer I am very perplexed. When I log into Hotmail, it will automatically redirect me an email to It wouldn’t take my password from the past. Therefore, I had to modify the password. There needs to be more information in my account. What do you do? How can you get details that were on This is wild! How can I find my messages in my old account? Or is it a pity that this is happening? Is there no more MSN Or is this an erroneous joke or a prank of some sort?
    It’s no farce.

    Microsoft has a long tradition of confusing us using their names for their services and changing the words. is what we once were referring to as Hotmail. It was named “MSN Hotmail” and was, in turn, “Windows Live Hotmail”. It’s pretty simple, though it can be confusing. However, there’s more beyond this.

    This is to be clarified. This doesn’t involve the loss of any email. This is an entirely different matter.

    What’s The Difference Between MSN, Hotmail, Outlook & Windows Live Mail?

    • Windows Live Hotmail
    • Microsoft Outlook Email Program
    • Windows Mail @Live
    • Hotmail Or MSN Hotmail Live
    • Web Email Client
    • Desktop Email Client @Outlook


    Between 2005 and 2006, Microsoft announced a new branding name for some services, including MSN products, i.e., Windows Live. Microsoft originally planned to change the name of MSN Hotmail to Windows Live Mail. However, the users in the beta test preferred the popular name Hotmail. This led to MSN Hotmail becoming Windows Live Hotmail, and the other changed MSN services. The service concentrated on increasing the service’s speed, storage capacity, customer experience, and usability functions. In the following years, Hotmail was “re-invented” to incorporate new features, including categories, instant actions, scheduled sweeps, etc.

    Since then, the MSN brand has changed its primary attention to content on the Internet, such as sports, news, weather, and entertainment. It became available on, and Windows Live covered all Microsoft’s services online. Users who needed to be upgraded to the new service could access MSN Hotmail. MSN Hotmail interface.

    Microsoft Outlook Email Program

    In 2012, Microsoft Office renamed Windows Live Hotmail to Microsoft Outlook. The Hotmail service was transformed into an exclusive brand name, Microsoft Outlook, which continues to be used now.

    Microsoft Outlook is an email client that allows you to receive and transmit messages worldwide. Additionally, it lets you save contacts’ names and phone numbers.

    Nearly everyone is beginning to utilize the technology. It provides a broad range of functions to its users. It allows you to note down notes, manage your schedule, browse the Web, and organize your schedule and work as well as other tasks.

    Microsoft Outlook is utilized by nearly every company worldwide, and there are currently thousands of Outlook variations in the business world. It is your supervisor as well, and you can depend on this. When it comes to marketing via email, Outlook plays a significant function.

    A brand new online service may replace Microsoft Outlook. This change is crucial to increase the effectiveness of the commercial offerings—Hotmail, MSN Hotmail, Windows Live Hotmail, and are all mentioned.

    • The Microsoft Outlook experience would be lacking without the easy access bar. Switching between the main Outlook features, which include Mail People, Calendar, and Tasks, is also easy.
    • It is your complete choice of the buttons (or icons) that appear within the Quick Access Bar and the order in which they appear.
    • Email lets you communicate with those within and outside of your business. In emails, you can send messages to people inside and outside your company. It can contain an electronic signature as well as attachments.
    • Select Signature in the new message, and choose the Signature you want.
    • The appointment options in Microsoft Outlook are different from meetings. Appointments are things you can book in your calendar, and they don’t require you to invite guests or make reservations for the resources.
    • Microsoft Outlook meetings can include additional people or facilities, like meeting rooms. Meeting responses will appear in the Inbox.
    • “people” refers to individuals and business owners who comprise your professional and personal relationships.
    • Many people make lists on paper, in a spreadsheet, or as a hybrid. Then, you may combine multiple lists in Microsoft Outlook, set deadlines, and track how much work you have accomplished.

    Windows Mail @Live

    Windows Live Mail pre, previously named “Windows Live Desktop Mail,” was not available in every version of Windows. If you can see it on your new PC, the company chose to add it by default to ease your life.

    The free email software is available in two models:

    • Windows Live Mail Classic is the most current edition of Windows XP
    • Windows Live Mail 2012 is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.

    It will be compatible with Windows 8 / 8.1 Professional and Windows 10. Although it’s been without major adjustments since the first version, the program remains one of the most excellent free email software designed for Windows users!

    MSN Hotmail Live @Hotmail

    One of the first Hotmail webmail services was launched and was launched in 1996. Hotmail began as a typecast of Hotmail when it was first created and developed using HTML (HyperText Markup Language) (notice the capital letters).

    It liberated users from the restrictions of ISP-based mail by permitting them access to their mailboxes at any time. Within one year of the service’s launch, it became surprisingly famous.

    Microsoft purchased Hotmail in 1997, integrating Hotmail into Microsoft’s web services. They were referred to under the terms MSN (Microsoft Network). After that, Hotmail was rebranded as MSN Hotmail, and it continued to be known by the name of Hotmail.

    Microsoft then linked it to Microsoft Passport (now Microsoft account) and merged it into different MEN services, including MSN Messenger (instant messaging) and MSN Services.


    The webmail client when you sign in to your account via a web browser (like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc.). For example, you can log in to your Outlook account at with any browser on the Internet. There is no need for any specific software to access your email accounts via Web-based email clients. All you require is an electronic device (like your laptop or computer) and Internet access. Be aware that when you check your email through a browser for your phone, you are likely also using a Web email clientwebDESKTOP EMAIL CLIENT.

    However, you may employ a desktop email client when you start an application to view your email. It could be software on your PC or the mobile phone (in case it is an app for mobile email). The program specifically used to connect to your account on email is the email client on your computer.

    You may wonder why you discuss these two kinds of email applications. In reality, this is the main difference between the three types of email clients:, Outlook Mail, and Outlook. The launch of refers to Microsoft’s current web-based email client. It was previously In 2015, Microsoft launched the Outlook Web App (or OWA) and is currently ‘Outlook on the Web’ as part of Office 365. The app includes four features: Outlook Mail, Outlook Calendar, Outlook People, and Outlook Tasks. From the four, Outlook Mail is the mail client on the Web that you utilize to view your emails. It can be when you are a subscriber to Office 365 or connected via Exchange Server. Outlook Mail, in other terms, is the substitute for the Hotmail interface that you had previously. The Microsoft desktop email client is named Outlook (or Microsoft Outlook or, sometimes, Office Outlook. The program has been in Microsoft Outlook since Office 95 and offers features such as calendars, contact managers, and task management. Be aware that Microsoft Outlook is also available for tablets and mobile phones that run Android and iOS operating systems and on a few variants that run on Windows phones.

    FAQ’s: Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are several commonly requested questions about Hotmail and our email services, including all the necessary information.

    What is the main difference between,,, and

    The four email service providers are each made up of Microsoft’s more comprehensive range of services online that comprises Skype, OneDrive, and Bing; however, they are different in the features they offer for private users and also in how many GB of space is needed to keep your email on their servers.

    Hotmail is the first of Microsoft’s services for sending emails. It was first established in 1996 as a web-based service with limited storage and was free for customers who signed up.

    Microsoft bought Hotmail in 1997, transformed it into a subscription-based email service, and rebranded it as MSN Hotmail. It was later changed to Windows Live Hotmail as Microsoft wanted to place more emphasis on its computer software. Customers who used the free service couldn’t send emails from their domain.

    In 2012, Microsoft announced, an email service that aimed to replace Hotmail. resulted from a total overhaul of Microsoft’s email services and was described as “the business’s reaction to Gmail’. provides more storage than Hotmail, lets you send emails from your domain, and supports various other features, including several other options like social media integration and Skype Instant Messaging.
    The layout has changed to offer the user an experience more like Gmail.

    How can I make use of the various email services?

    Hotmail It is possible to access your Hotmail account via the Web or the Hotmail application for iOS and Android. Microsoft Live Mail and MSN It is likely to check your mail using an internet browser, or you can install Microsoft’s Windows Live Mail app on iOS and Android.

    Outlook It is the name of an email service. You can check your mail using the web browser or install the Outlook application for iOS and Android. You can’t use your domain with Hotmail, Live, or Outlook; however, you can manage an environment with a customized name using Gmail.

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