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Dead Dove Do Not Eat

    Named after a scene from Arrested Development, where a character discovers a package in a refrigerator marked “DEAD DOVE”: Do not Eat!”
    Curious, he opens the package and finds that it contains a dead dove. The character says, “I don’t know what to expect.”

    “I don’t know what to expect” is a common meme. It is used when people look at situations that seem likely to be unpleasant and discover that they are unwelcome.

    Arrested Development: A Meme

    The package contains a dead dove when the character opens it.

    The character said, “I don’t know what to expect,” and it became a meme.

    This meme was for people who inquire into things that they thought would be unpleasant only to find they are not.

    It would help if you were not looking at a project that is “I don’t know what to wait” or “Dead Dove Do Not Eat” because you will likely find something objectionable and potentially dangerous.

    Treat the tag as a warning or indication that you may not get what you expect from the content or experience you are about to see.

    It’s not clear what the intention of artistic work is

    We were all familiar with cuddly superhero movies that featured people dying. But, not really, because no one ever actually dies in a Marvel movie except Thor’s parents or Uncle Ben (Spider-Man).

    People were surprised when they saw the Watchmen movie, and it was full of adult themes and adult content.

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