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Copy bullet format from word to powerpoint

If you’re looking for an additional table for your presentation, it is possible to make it within PowerPoint. Alternately, you can design your table using Word and copy and paste it into your PowerPoint presentation. This is how you can do it.

Use the following steps to learn how to make and insert custom bullets into PowerPoint as well as Word and also how to insert sub-bullets to both Word as well as PowerPoint:

How do I copy the formatting of text in PowerPoint?

Select the text containing the formatting you want to copy by dragging your cursor across it. If you added 3D effects and The Warp Transform effect to the reader and wish to replicate the product, select the entire shape, not only the text.

Find”Format Painter “Format Painter,” located within the Clipboard group of the Home tab of your ribbon.

Click once on”Format Painter” or “Format Painter” if you want to use the format only once—double-click on the “Format Painter” If you would like to use the formatting on various objects. The cursor transforms into the shape of a paintbrush.

Drag the tool over the text you wish to format. This Format Painter applies the formatting copied on the content. Be aware of this: the Format Painter does not copy any text configuration, such as size, font, and color. It doesn’t alter the layout of paragraphs like spacing or indents.

Click “Esc” on your keyboard or press the “Format Painter” if you copy formatting to several text strings. The Format Painter will then close. Format Painter.

Copying Text and Formatting It

You can highlight the content in PowerPoint or any other application you’d like to copy. Click “Ctrl-C” to copy the text.

Put the cursor wherever you would like the words to show.

Click on the “Home” tab, then click on the “Arrow” under”Home” and click the Paste icon. A variety of paste options will appear in an option drop-down menu.

Select “Keep Source Formatting.” The text is pasted using the formatting from the source copy.

How can I insert automatic bullets into PowerPoint?

Within Microsoft PowerPoint or Word, you can turn on or off automatic bullets and numbering and follow the steps on how to turn off or on automatic and numbering shots.

  • Launch PowerPoint
  • Choose File > File Options > Proof Reading.
  • In the Section AutoCorrect Options, Select the AutoCorrect Options option.
  • Choose AutoFormat while typing the tab.
  • Check or uncheck the check box for Automatic Bulleted or Numbered lists.
  • After that, click OK.


This is how you can convert Word into PowerPoint.

While this advice isn’t brand novel, it’s important to reiterate. Word documents don’t make incredible PowerPoint presentations, mainly when you import them in the manner, I’ve explained previously.

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