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Can You See Missed Calls When Your Phone Is Off?

    Chances are, in your life, you’ve wanted to go on a trip and shut off your cell phone for at least a week (at the very least).

    However, as technology is immersed in everyday life, it may only be an acceptable possibility for some individuals.

    There’s always another alert to check, a text message you need to read, and a call to take.

    However, the most frequently asked question should they have to stop their cell phone is

    Are you getting unanswered calls even though your phone is turned off?

    If you’ve shut your mobile off for any motive- even for a few hours of sleep- you won’t likely receive any notification that your boss or an important customer has attempted to contact you.

    If you don’t have a phone and don’t have access to it, the only way to be sure if someone has called you is to check when they leave a voicemail message.

    If you want to determine if you missed the call, you’ll be required to alter the settings on your iPhone and Android settings. Find out below the steps to take!

    Can You See Missed Calls When Your Phone Is Off?

    The following is a summary of the above. There is no.

    The phone will be able to redirect calls to voicemail automatically. But, if the person calling you can’t leave a voice message, none of their calls will be recorded.

    Android users can alter their settings for notifications to allow reminders for missed calls; however, only after the phone is switched to the back.

    For iPhone users, there is no adjustment in settings for missed calls. iPhones will only show missed calls as those ringing on your mobile but weren’t answered.

    If your mobile is not working and you don’t receive any calls or calls, your iPhone won’t record these calls as calls in the call history.

    Most cell phone providers will not notify you about these missed calls in any way (unless you’ve explicitly paid for the call – read the next section below for more details).

    If an iPhone can’t make phone contact, it makes us think of the well-known thought; “When a tree falls into the forest, but there’s no one listening, is it making sounds?”

    If you’re using your phone shutting down, it might appear as if the call was never there!

    The good news is that missing a call isn’t an issue of philosophy.

    As a substitute, iPhone users should contact their mobile phone company or provider of network services to determine whether any of their paid services let them enable missed call alerts.

    Cell phone companies will store files on their servers that record all calls directed to your number. Thus, they will be able to notify users of unanswered calls, and you might need to pay for the alert service.

    How to Know Missed Call When the Phone is Switched Off

    It is now possible to determine who called you even if your phone was not in use If you allow notification for that.

    Activate Missed Call Alert When Phone is Off

    If you have enabled missed call alerts, You will be notified even if your phone is not on.

    This is how you can alter the way you receive notifications from your phone:

    • Go to the Settings application on your Android smartphone.
    • Click on notifications and scroll down until you find the Call or Call app.
    • Select missing calls in the menu of choices.
    • Switch on notifications, and you’ll receive an alert for missed calls when you turn off your phone.

    Missed Call Alert Notification USSD Code

    Furthermore, each provider has a code that allows you to turn on the options that will show who rang your phone even if your phone was not in use.

    To turn on this setting And enable them, dial 321800# *621431# using the dialer application.

    If you wish to deactivate or stop it, then call #62#.

    Truecaller – See Missed Calls When Your Phone is Off

    If you’ve installed the Truecaller application on your phone, You will get an alert when a person contacts you, i.e., the mobile’s data are active. For that feature to be practical, your mobile has to be connected. If they misdialed the number and stopped the call before when the call rang, you’ll be notified of the Truecaller message. This is not the case if your phone is turned off.

    Therefore, activating the notification service is the only way to see a complete list of missed calls after your phone is turned off. Use the code you have to enable the notification service on your phone.

    Network Services

    A few network service providers offer features such as missed call alerts and notifications for missed calls. They can inform you of missed calls when the phone is turned off.

    If you’ve opted into an alert for missed calls and your provider has sent you an SMS that contains information on missed calls over the time your phone was turned off. The SMS could include information including the contact number, the time they made the call, and, sometimes, an unintentional message by the caller.

    Certain providers also offer visually-based voicemail that allows users to view a listing of all their voicemails. If your phone is disconnected during a conversation, the person calling may have left a message, and the information may be available once you restore your phone.

    How Do You Handle Missed Calls When Your Phone Is Off?

    To effectively deal with missed calls if your phone goes off to make sure you can handle missed calls, follow these instructions:

    • Make a voicemail available. You must ensure an active voicemail feature on your phone. This lets callers leave messages on your behalf if you aren’t able to take the phone.
    • Examine the missed call logs. After turning the phone on, go through the log of missed calls to determine if any crucial calls went unanswered when your phone was not in use.
    • Make sure to return calls promptly. If you notice any missed calls that need your attention, ensure you return the calls promptly so that you can address urgent concerns.
    • Allow call forwarding. If you think you cannot take calls because your phone is not working, consider creating call forwarding for other phones or a voicemail system. In this way, calls will be diverted and are not missing.


    When your mobile is off, you cannot view or hear any missed calls. Disconnection from the cell network stops calls from getting to your phone. But you can create a voicemail that will permit callers to leave messages for you to access once the phone has been returned to normal. You must review your call logs for missed and returned calls when needed to avoid cutting important communication.

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