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Can you delete backups on iCloud?

    Did you realize that iCloud backups could be taking up a lot of iCloud storage? This could lead you to receive an iCloud Storage Full warning. Here are the steps to clear iCloud storage and delete iCloud Backups from older devices.

    Did you realize that iCloud backups could be taking up a lot of iCloud storage? This could lead you to receive an iCloud Storage Full warning. Here’s how you can delete iCloud Backups from your old devices and free up iCloud storage.

    What happens if my iPhone backup is deleted?

    Delete a backup removes the backup only from iCloud storage and not everything on the iPhone. The iPhone’s iCloud will update at some point if it is connected with an available wi-fi network and connected to a powered source.

    Why it’s okay for iCloud backups not to be deleted

    When someone recommends that you delete a backup of your data, you might be stunned and ask how they dressed this morning. Relax, Jack. Don’t panic Jack. Riiiight???

    Keep an iTunes backup on your iPhone/iPad so you can always access it. You should also remember that if you turn iCloud Backup on again, your device will still have a backup when it is connected to Wi-Fi.

    Delete iCloud Backups of iPhone or iPad

    • Launch the Settings App on your iPhone/iPad.
    • Tap on the Apple ID/Name button at the top.
    • Tap on iCloud.
    • This section shows you how much storage space is being used by backup data on your iCloud accounts.
    • Tap on Manage Storage to delete older iCloud backups.
    • Next, tap Backups.
    • You’ll see a list listing all devices that have been set up to be backed up via iCloud. You can delete the backups for the device by tapping on them.
    • Tap on Delete Backup.
    • Look at the bottom and tap on Turn Off & Delete.

    That’s it. That’s it. You have now deleted all of your iPhone backups and cleared up any leftover space in your iCloud account.

    What happens if iCloud backups are deleted?

    Is it legal to delete iCloud backup? Consider this carefully. After you delete an iCloud Backup, your backup copy will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered. After that, iCloud Backup is automatically turned off under iPhone Settings.

    If you do not turn off iCloud backup, iCloud will not back up your iPhone to iCloud. It would only restore old iPhone backups.

    To find out if your photos or message will be lost with the disappearance of iCloud Backup, go to Manage Storage within the iCloud setting. As mentioned, if photos or messages were saved to iCloud before backing up iPhone, they wouldn’t be part of the backup.

    Can you delete backups of iCloud?

    By deleting your data, you can free up iCloud space.
    Old backups or caches will gradually replace iCloud storage.
    It is possible to manage it with Time Machine backup.

    Why is my iCloud storage taking up so much?

    iCloud backups are a large storage requirement, especially if your device has a lot. You can decrease the storage required by your backups by deleting any older backups. To do so, open the Settings app by tapping iCloud. Tap Storage and then Manage Storage. Tap on the name to view backups. To confirm, tap Delete Backup.

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