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Can i Put My Cricket Sim Card in Another Phone

Cricket Wireless offers affordable prepaid plans that work on AT&T’s top network, which makes the perfect option if you’re searching to purchase a new mobile provider that won’t break your budget.

In short, here are the steps to make the change to Cricket and how to take your phone with you and to keep your number.

Get your account details from your current provider.

Please verify that your mobile can work with Cricket’s networks when you’re bringing it along with you. Make sure that it’s locked.
Select the Cricket Wireless plan.
Get a Cricket SIM If you’re using your device, or opt for the latest cell phone on your plan.
Transfer your existing number when you pay for your purchase or select the creation of a new number.
You can activate your new plan after receiving your SIM cards or your new mobile.
You are removing your old wireless service once your activation is completed.

Can You Change Phones Using the Cricket Wireless Network?

It’s happened. You’ve cracked your screen, you dropped it into an emerald puddle, or you need an upgrade because you want to. If you’re an existing Cricket Wireless customer, you may be thinking, “Can I put my Cricket SIM card in another phone?” If you thought that your initial phone purchase was successful, then yes. This article will walk you through all the information you should learn about switching phones to Cricket.

How to Know if You Can Change Your Phone Through Cricket

Cricket Wireless Sim cards first factor you should be aware of when finding out if your new phone and older phone are compatible is what towers Cricket Wireless uses? Also, what is Cricket GSM as well as CDMA? Cricket Wireless has been a GSM network since 2015 when they were acquired by AT&T and became an AT&T subsidiary. AT&T.

Cricket is a GSM network is a piece of great news for those who want to transfer data or services from your old device to an upgraded one. This is because GSM is a worldwide service. Every GSM phone must possess a SIM card that can be used for other GSM phones. Therefore, if you already own an existing telephone connected to the GSM network, you will be in a position to transfer your SIM card to another phone connected to a GSM network.

This is an excellent option for those who would like to switch from Cricket Wireless but not purchase the latest phone or do not want to change providers but are looking to upgrade their phone. Cricket operates on the only GSM service, making it much easier to swap phones.

In contrast to the majority of U.S. cell phone providers, Cricket Wireless is strictly prepaid — you’ll never be required the obligation of signing a contract to access Cricket service. In this way, you won’t have to worry about the small print that carriers usually include in their agreements for upgrading devices — to get a better price, for instance, you’ll typically need an extension of your agreement is irrelevant for Cricket customers. Transferring Cricket’s service to a different phone is simple without financial and legal obligations.

How to Switch Phones

Based on the amount of the old SIM card and your smartphone’s SIM slot, swapping out phones may take a few minutes or not in any way. It’s all about. When you purchase an unlocked Cricket unlocked phone, it is essential to determine the dimensions of the Cricket SIM connector.

Cricket 4G lteCricket provides three dimensions of SIM cards Micro, mini, and nano. What size is the SIM card you have in your phone will depend on the phone’s dimensions? If the SIM card you’re installing into your new phone is of the same dimension as the SIM card slot on the old phone, all you need to do is insert the SIM card into the phone. If they’re not identical in size, don’t be concerned. You’ll need to visit a Cricket retailer or purchase an additional SIM card that is the right size on the internet.

After completing the previously listed steps, you must upgrade to the Cricket Wireless APN Settings. We’ve provided a step-by-step guide to follow for iPhone and Android.


Cricket is a very compatible GSM network, which allows you to swap phones. Following their recent acquisition by AT&T, many are wondering whether AT&T phones be compatible with Cricket? A Cricket unlock phone will be compatible with AT&T, and it’s straightforward to switch phones. With the speedy Cricket LTE bands offered and the convenience of the service, it’s easy to see why many people select Cricket to be their preferred wireless service.

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  1. I’m trying to put a SIM card into my cricket phone…… not sure if it’ll work….. it’s a q wireless Sim card…. I’m wanting to switch cause cricket trying to charge me $68 a month and I’m not paying that. I’m on fixed income

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