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Best States to Live

Which is the most desirable state to reside in? If someone asks you to name the best state to reside in, you’ll likely answer with your state or the state you’ve been to before. Should you question your neighbor, friend, or family member, they might have a different answer. Different. Every person has their own opinion about the most desirable states based on various aspects.

Some people may prefer the state due to its lack of heavily populous. Another person may prefer an alternative state due to its climate. Since we all have our own opinions regarding what is “best,” it’s hard to know which state is the most desirable to reside in. Some magazines and organizations have conducted their study, examined different factors, and made lists of the United States’ top States. One of the most extensive lists can be found in the Best States Ranking by U.S. News & World Report.


In the 10 years that has conducted this research, Washington has topped the list five times to be the top state in the U.S.

The team reclaimed the top spot following its appearance second last year.

Washington is among the eight states that do not have an income tax for state residents. Please consider that Washington has the fourth-highest median income in the country ($48,140/year), and its fundamental advantages are evident.


We’ve said it before, we have said it before, and we will say again, Massachusetts has provided humanity with unique ideas and inventions. Massachusetts is the most desirable state throughout this part of the United States. Massachusetts is ranked first in education and is second in health care. Massachusetts is also ranked 7th in economics and 4th for Crime and Corrections.

North Dakota

It’s the third consecutive year that North Dakota has made the top ten of this study, and for 2020, it rose from ninth last year, all the way to second.

North Dakota has the lowest unemployment rate in the country, and the rate was unaffected in the first month of widespread shutdowns due to coronavirus.


Minnesota is listed as the 2nd top state to reside in. Minnesota ranks 3rd for jobs and is ranked 18th in the economy. The state is ranked tenth in health care and 17th in education.

It’s a genuinely unique and typically rich state. Did you know that the state has over 10,000 lakes! As in natural lakes! Not just gigantic Puddles! In addition to Lake Superior, Minnesota boasts the stunning Lake Itasca that falls inside its state boundaries.


For the fourth year in a row, Michigan has made the top ten and has seen its ranking rise every year.


New Jersey, aka The Garden State, is home to one of the most stunning beachfront in the United States. The landscape, food, and the mix of diverse ethnic backgrounds make it an attractive location to live in. The city is home to more than 7,354 acres of land with around 9.3 million residents. It’s not tiny.

The mean income in this area is 85,545 dollars. Costs for housing are, on average, 342,527 bucks and other expenses.

New Jersey has commendable health healthcare facilities and is one of the top five cities for health care within the U.S.

One of the best things about the city is the people-driven school system. The system of education offered in New Jersey was created to help the population, which explains why the vast majority of students go to the state’s public schools. Schools are proudly run by the state’s government, making them accessible to everyone. Cities located in New Jersey include Trenton, the capital of the state, Jersey City, Paterson, Newark, and more.


Although it lost a few spots following two straight third-place finishes, Texas remains an excellent spot to earn money according to several things:


Alongside being at the top of the list in the first year of the investigation (2011), Illinois has been in the top ten for eight of the 10 years.


The third consecutive time over the past ten years that Kansas has been in the top 10.

It has the lowest cost of living and the seventh-lowest unemployment rate in any other state. The unemployment rate remained steady in the first week of the coronavirus locking down.


The Old Line State, known as the place where we learned the U.S. national anthem, is home to numerous coastlines and waterways that stretch along the Atlantic ocean.

Maryland is a vast area of 976 square miles. It also is home to over 6.1 million residents.

The state has numerous beaches and gorgeous parks that are perfect for recreation. There are no limitations to the opportunities for employment in this state. The median salary in Maryland is around 80,776 dollars, which will bring the cost of housing to around 361,900 dollars.


It is the first time Tennessee has been in the top ten list since 2011, when it was placed eighth.

Tennessee has an affordable cost of living, and the state’s income tax burden is relatively low.


Colorado is ranked as the fifth most desirable state in the U.S. It covers over 100,000 square miles, making it the 8th most crucial state in America in terms of size; a tremendous amount of land needs to be covered in this stunning state. Colorado ranks first in terms of economy, with 8th place in the infrastructure. 12th and 11th in Education and Healthcare, respectively Colorado residents are among the fittest in the nation and have an obesity rate lower than the other states.


This is the third time Oklahoma has appeared in the top ten and the first time since 2014.

Oklahoma has the lowest cost of living and is among the best states to reside in financial terms. Therefore, even while the state’s median income is not that high, it goes quite a ways.

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