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Apple music family sharing not working

    With the option to share with family members activated along with the Apple Music subscription, you can let the entire family listen to all the music tracks Apple Music offers. Apple has been gracious enough to let you transfer the cost of your Apple Music subscription with your family members to ensure that they don’t feel deprived. For some users, however, the sharing option does not seem to work effectively and they’re unable to allow their relatives access to their account.

    If the sharing feature for families isn’t working on Apple Music on your account This guide should help you. It provides a variety of options for solving the issue to ensure that you can transfer your music tracks to the members of your household.

    Check to ensure that everyone is using the right account.

    It is a given that your family members should utilize your exact Apple ID on their devices that you have listed in the Family Sharing. That means that every person must have their Apple ID, and not the Apple ID of the family head. It’s still confusing for certain users, so be sure everyone’s authentic Apple ID.

    Apple Music Family Sharing Not Working? Alternate Way to Fix

    There are several options to tackle this issue however one of the most effective options is to make use of iPhone applications for music streaming, so you can get around Apple’s excessive control and configuration issues. The iMyFone TunesMate iPhone Transfer program is an excellent alternative. It allows you to transfer any Apple music file between your computer or between iDevices regardless of whether they use distinct Apple IDs. You don’t even require an Internet connection.

    How can you include family members in the Apple Music app?

    If you’re using either an iPhone or iPad go into the Music app, and then tap your profile picture or name in the top left corner. After you have logged into your account settings, you can go ahead and select to select the Manage Family option. It will bring users to your Apple ID settings page on your iOS device. Then, click Family Sharing and add members to your account.

    What is the process? Apple Music and Family Sharing functions

    Apple Music’s family plans are a part of iOS MacOS’s Family Sharing feature that lets various Apple identities share their calendars, pictures as well as TV, movies, and music. Before Family Sharing, families had to use the same Apple ID for all their purchases, which was a hassle on a variety of different levels.

    If you sign up for the Apple Music Family plan, which allows simultaneous listening for up to six accounts or devices All the infrastructure is handled via Family Sharing. The theory is that joining your family is as easy as joining Family Sharing by buying a Family subscription and letting the others in your family log into the service.

    Unfortunately, some awkward steps in Family Sharing’s and Apple Music’s infrastructure have prevented this service from running as efficiently as it should.

    Take a look at the features that are shared with your family

    You can choose to turn off or on the sharing features in Settings. This could be the reason Family Sharing is not working within the Apple Music application. If that is the scenario, you should examine the features shared by family members using the following steps.

    Start the Settings app, tap [your name] > Select Family Sharing. Scroll down until you find SHARE FEATURE. Make certain Apple Music is on.

    How do I view the shared Apple Music?

    In case you’ve set up Family Sharing’s settings properly however you aren’t able to view the music shared. Here’s the procedure on how to access the music that is shared on Apple Music.

    Launch your iTunes Store app > Tap More at the bottom of the right > Select Purchased on the subsequent screen.

    Enabled Apple Music on Share Feature List

    If you’re experiencing issues with problems with your family sharing that do not work with apple music correctly, take these steps to ensure that your family’s organizer selected Apple Music as the “Apple Music” right after creating the Family sharing.

    Click on settings, then click on your name.
    Click on”Family Sharing” and select “Family sharing”.
    Click on”Share Feature” click on the “Share Feature” list and check to see if you’ve switched on the “Apple music” option. In case you did not do it previously.

    Verify Enabled Shared Features

    Through sharing with family members it is possible to avail of a variety of Apple services, such as Premium apps like Apple Music, iCloud Storage Plan, and many more. But, it’s essential to allow them within your settings on Your Family accounts.

    If a particular service, for example, Apple Music, is not functioning, likely, it’s not available in the Shared features. This means you should go through the list and check the availability of the service you’d like to access. Here’s how to accomplish this:

    Click on Settings and then tap the Settings tab. You will then be able to access the profile of your Apple profile.
    Then, you can open Family Sharing after which click on Share Feature. Share Feature.
    Turn the toggle on each service to switch them off.

    Check Apple Music Service Status

    You may be unable to access Apple Music in the event of an issue on the server running Apple Music as well as Apple Music Subscriptions Services. Go to the Apple System Support page and look for the indicator in front of Apple Music or Apple Music Subscriptions.

    The yellow color indicates an issue on the server side with the service(s) and the green indicator indicates that the service is running properly. If the System Status page highlights an issue with Apple Music it is necessary to keep waiting until Apple resolves the downtime of the server. It is better to contact Apple Support to report the problem.

    Get in touch with Apple Music Support for help

    If you’ve tried the options above, but Apple Music Family Plan not working, you can ask Apple for assistance. Go to Apple Support then scroll down and select “Get support” and the option that corresponds or calls Apple support via phone or initiates chat sessions in a chat with Apple support.

    The Bottom Line

    If the feature for sharing family members becomes stuck and prevents users from sharing their Apple Music subscription, the above tutorial will give you ways to resolve the issue and share your music playlists.

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