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How to Find and Merge Duplicate Contacts on iPhone?

    Are you looking to get rid of all duplicate contacts from your iPhone? There are many ways to do this. You can either manually sort through your contacts and then delete them or choose to join the contacts.

    Duplicate contacts could pose an issue for specific users using iCloud’s capability to sync contacts to the Apple cloud server. Additionally, suppose you connect third-party accounts, such as Google, Outlook, etc., to your iPhone. In that case, the details of your contacts may be duplicated because you’re using different services to save your Contacts. Also, duplicate contacts can occur when you import another address book from a different device, such as an Android.

    If you’re one of the iOS users who see duplicate contacts appear on both the iPhone and iPad, you’ll likely be interested in learning how to remove regular contacts quickly off your iPhone. Explore and discover how to do this!

    How do you remove duplicate iPhone contacts from your Mac?

    Verify that iCloud contacts are synchronized on your Mac. Make sure to do this by clicking the Apple logo on the upper-left right-hand corner, then clicking the System Preferences and then ensuring that Contacts is listed in the section Apps in this Mac by using iCloud. You can close out of settings following this.

    Enter the Contacts application on your Mac. (If you cannot find it, try using Command + Space bar for Search in the spotlight or enter the upper-right corner, then toggle on the magnifying glass to find it.)

    In the Contacts application, you’ll see every name, number and address you’ve accumulated and synced across different devices over time. To collect all duplicate contacts in one go, scroll towards the top, click Card and then choose Search for duplicates.

    In a matter of seconds, Apple will tell you how many copies of your contacts are and provide you with the option of overlapping the copies in a merging. The pop-up will also include an option to checkmark you if you’d like to merge contacts with the same name but with different information, like one with an email address and the other with a phone number. If you’d like to do this, be sure to tick the box before clicking the blue Merge button on the right. The app will handle the data from there.

    It’s crucial to remember that when you have two contacts with the same name and you follow these steps, the two numbers are added to your other contact. To avoid confusion between distinct people, look into each person’s Card and put some of their names to identify them.

    How do you remove duplicate contacts on an iPhone by using an App?

    Following the steps in the manual above can be practical; however, it’s not enough when you have many duplicates. You can utilize an application to rid yourself of duplicates and organize all of your iPhone contacts.

    There are a variety of apps available in the App Store that deal with duplicate contacts. Some are more effective than others. Certain apps are entirely free, while some aren’t. It is possible to open your App Store on your phone and look to find duplicate contact numbers.

    The app we’re using is Cleaner Pro for this article. However, you may like an alternative program better.

    • Accept the terms and conditions of service. Allow access to your contacts
    • Let Contacts Pro have access to your contacts. This is essential for the application to work. delete duplicate contacts from your iPhone
    • You’ll be able to see the number of contacts imported into the app. Tap Next. number of imported contacts
    • Contacts Pro will display contacts that do not have names or numbers, emails, and group identification numbers. You can examine each and take care to clean them up. Contacts Pro will remove duplicate contacts from iPhone
    • In the Duplicates section, Tap Duplicate Contacts.
    • From the list of contacts in the section for duplicates, click the contact you wish to combine. The merge option will combine the info from duplicate contacts into one and delete the duplicates. duplicates delete duplicate contacts on iPhone
    • Tap the Merge button on the bottom of the screen to combine contact information and remove duplicates on the next screen. merge contacts
    • There will be a progress animation during the merging process. The duration of the merge will differ based on the number of duplicates you’re merging and deleting. delete duplicate contacts from iPhone
    • When the merging and removal are completed, you’ll have one entry for the contact on your list.

    You can disable contacts that are associated with Email Accounts.

    • Another way to tidy your contact list is to turn off lists linked to your accounts for email. Most contacts are necessary So, think about removing them from your list.
    • It is possible to do this by clicking Settings and then Contacts, followed by Accounts. Tap the account you are looking for and switch “Contacts” off.
    • Contacts functionality is disabled for an account with a Gmail account.
    • After that, the contacts associated with the account will be removed from your device. However, they’ll be on the server you downloaded the contacts from, for example, Google Contacts.

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